Rajya Puraskar Requirements

1) Should ensure proficiency of knowledge and skill up to Tritiya Sopan Badge.

2) Hold Tritiya Sopan Badge and earn any three of the Proficiency Badges not earned earlier from among the given below:

1) Literacy 2) Community Worker 3) Ecologist 4) Leprosy Control 5) Sanitation 6) Soil Conservator 7) Rural Worker

3) Earn any one of the Proficiency Badges from each of the two groups:


(i) Camper (ii) Naturalist (iii) Signaller (iv) Electrician (v) Starman (vi) Dairy Man


(i) Public Healthy man (ii) Cancer awareness (iii) Healthy Man (iv) Nutrition Educator (v) Farmer

(i) Rajya Puraskar is awarded by the Governor / Patron of the Association.
(ii) The Proficiency Badges are issued on the basis of certificates issued by independent examiners arranged by Training Counselor and appointed by Local or District Badge Committee.
(iii) Scouts who have already earned the qualifying Badges will have to attend a Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp organized by the State Association under the supervision of the State Organizing Commissioner (S) where the knowledge and skills of the Scouts will be retested. After being qualified in the State Training Camp, the scout will be eligible for the award of Rajya Puraskar Badge and Certificate. 

iv) The State Chief Commissioner who is the final authority to grant Rajya Praskar Award shall issue from time to time suitable directives in respect of badge, tests etc. and ensure proficiency of knowledge and skills upto Tritiya Sopan Badge and Proficiency Badges.
v) This award including the Badge shall be the property of the State Association and has to be surrendered on demand by appropriate authority.

10 thoughts on “5.rajyapuraskar

  1. kindly tell us the detail of writing the p r o books reg.
    1.literacy 2. couminty worker 3.sanitation 4. camper 5.nutrition educator
    plz give us hints of each pro badge

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